San Clemente Artwork: Paintings by Steve Guluk

Artwork depicting San Clemente, California

Prints and originals based on San Clemente, California. Please contact us for original pricing or assistance in choosing reproduction sizes and medium (Archival paper or Canvas),

Snowy EgretUppers Lowers Trestles, California
"Snowy Egret at Trestles"
Oil on Aluminum Panel. 12" X 12"

Location: Trestles, California.
Snowy Egret hunting small fish in the cobblestones of Trestles, Orange County.

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North Beach, San Clemente, California
"North Beach"
Acrylic on Canvas. 24" X 36"

North Beach, San Clemente, California

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Uppers Lowers Trestles, California
Acrylic on Panel. 12" X 12"

Trestles, California.
Upper and Lowers Trestles is made up of a sand and cobblestone bottom that helps produce consistent surf structure.

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The wall, Pavones, Costa Rica
"Cottons Point"
Acrylic on Linen. 30" X 24"

"Cottons" in San Clemente, California.
A bit further north than Uppers and Lowers at Trestles is Cottons Point. President Nixons home is just above this iconic surf location.

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