Original paintings and prints by Steve Guluk

Originals are available for sale, please contact us for pricing and shipping details. All paintings can be printed at various sizes.

Recent works:

Pelican Rock Sunset Bay
"Pelican Rock Sunset Bay - In Work"
Oil on Canvas. 10" X 20"
Punta Banco Sunset
"Punta Banco Sunset"
Oil on Linen Panel. 16" X 20"
Rio Claro Bay
"Rio Claro Bay"
Oil on Linen Panel. 11" X 14"
Rainforest Jaguar
"Rainforest Jaguar"
Oil on Canvas. 16" X 20"
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Trestles Sunrise,  Trestles, California
"Trestles Egret #2"
Oil on Linen Panel. 20" X 24"
Location: Trestles, California.
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Trestles Sunrise,  Trestles, California
"Trestles Sunrise"
Oil on Linen Panel. 9" X 12"
Location: Trestles, California.
Dawn patrol often reveals some beautiful pre-sunrise wonders.
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Snowy EgretUppers Lowers Trestles, California
"Snowy Egret at Trestles"
Oil on Aluminum Panel. 12" X 12"
Location: Trestles, California.
Snowy Egret hunting small fish in the cobblestones of Trestles, Orange County.
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Pelican Dawn
"Pelican Dawn"
Acrylic on Maple Panel. 16" X 16"

Pavones, Costa Rica

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North Beach, San Clemente, California
"North Beach"
Acrylic on Canvas. 24" X 36"

North Beach, San Clemente, California

Rio Claro Reflections, Pavones, Costa Rica
"Rio Claro Reflections"
Acrylic on Canvas. 24" X 30"

Rio Claro River Reflection. Pavones, Costa Rica

Uppers Lowers Trestles, California
"Trestles Cobblestone"
Acrylic on Panel. 12" X 12"

Trestles, California. Upper and Lowers Trestles is made up of a sand and cobblestone bottom that helps produce consistent surf structure.

The wall, Pavones, Costa Rica
"Cottons Point"
Acrylic on Linen. 30" X 24" "Cottons" in San Clemente, California.
A bit further north than Uppers and Lowers at Trestles is Cottons Point. President Nixons home is just above this iconic surf location.
The wall, Pavones, Costa Rica
"The Wall 2"
Oil on canvas. 16" X 20"
Sunset at The Wall, Pavones, Costa Rica.
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Self Portrait
"The Wall"
Acrylic on canvas. 22" X 28" The place to go at the end of the day to appreciate sunsets and reflect on the passing days events.
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Playa Guiones, Nosara
"Nosara Sunset"
Acrylic on maple panel. 7.25" X 17" Sunset at Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica.
$575 (Framed)
"Corcovado, the hike out"
Acrylic on canvas. 10" X 20"

A new work completed in Dec 2022. Based on the hike out of Corcovado National Park, in Costa Rica.

Rio Claro High Tide
"Rio Claro High Tide"
Acrylic on canvas. 16" X 20"

Building on the first of this series, this study of water texture and wave dynamics highlights the motion of waves at high tide.

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A Familiar View
"A Familiar View"
Acrylic on canvas. 20" X 30"

Based on an online surfcam view of The Point, in Pavones, Costa Rica, many of us see this scene on a regular basis.

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Rio Claro Low Tide
"Rio Claro Low Tide"
Acrylic on canvas. 20" X 30"

The first painting in a series based on Costa Rican land and seascapes.

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Pelican Rock
"Pelican Rock"
Acrylic on canvas. 30" X 40"
Rio Claro Low Tide
"Lady with a coffee"
Acrylic on wood panel. 12" X 16"

Ducking for cover on a rainy afternoon in La Cuesta, Costa Rica.

Self Portrait
"Self Portrait"
Oil on maple panel. 12" X 16"

Portrait commissions available on request.

Prints are made using the Giclée process which uses high/archival quality inks made to last over 100 years. We offer prints in different sizes and on different surfaces. Printing on canvas provides a high quality product that takes on the same texture as the original. More info on reproductions/prints